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Confidential Nobody will find out who you are

Regardless of how hopeless your situation seems, we will help you. We provide you with anonymous advice. You don't have to tell us your name. Your personal information is perfectly secure whenever you call us. Nobody can monitor who you are. Your anonymity is maintained. On this page, we tell you how to cover your tracks when browsing the internet.

Rest assured Your secret is safe with us

Our counsellors are legally bound to confidentiality. This means that any information you confide in us is especially well protected. You can be certain: Nobody will hear about the conversation – whether that be relatives and employers, or administrative offices, authorities or health insurance companies. Confidentiality applies without exception.

Support around the clock We provide you with advice at any time.

We are available for you on the support hotline around the clock. The sooner we learn about your emergency, the better. We advise and empower you, and put you in contact with a pregnancy advice centre – and you do not have to tell us your name. You can then talk everything over calmly with a counsellor in your area. At any time and in complete confidence.

Comprehensive advice and support We guide you on your path

Experienced counsellors provide you with support when you contact a pregnancy advice centre. They accompany you before and after the birth, if that is what you want. You have a right to ongoing anonymous advice and support! 

Open-ended advice Your decision is all that matters.

We provide open-ended advice and highlight possible solutions, but let you make your own choice. It does not matter which option you choose. We will respect the path that you take for you and your child.

Free of charge You do not have to pay for advice or medical care

We can provide you with free advice. As often and as long as you require our assistance. There is also no need for you to take on the costs of confidential birth or pre- and post-natal care in a clinic, including costs for gynaecologists and midwives.

Questions and answers about anonymous advice


Who can make use of the advice? 

Regardless of the distress you are in: If you require advice and assistance, you can turn to us with any concern. We also offer advice to men, family members, acquaintances or friends – for free and, if requested, anonymously. 

I live in a small town and I am worried about being recognised. What can I do? 

Our anonymous advice is an offer of assistance that you are entitled to across the whole of Germany. You are not limited to just one town or federal state. The same standards are in place throughout Germany. Please call us if you have any doubts. We know the appropriate points of contact in your area and can tell you how to get in touch with them in a secure manner.

What happens when I confide in somebody?

We provide you with anonymous and secure assistance. Our counsellors are specially trained and know a number of different ways to help. We will not leave you alone in your difficult situation. We listen to you so that you can identify the possible options for you and your child.

Why should I seek advice early?

The sooner we talk to each other, the more time there is to find the best solution for you. We will show you all the available options for support entirely according to your wishes. During pregnancy, you are entitled to receive anonymous medical advice, take advantage of anonymous check-ups with a midwife or a gynaecological clinic, and prepare for a safe birth. 

I am going to give birth soon. Where can I find help? 

The only thing that matters is your health and that of your child. You can find help at a hospital or with a midwife, even if you have not visited an advice centre and still want to remain anonymous. The clinic will then get in in touch with the advice centre, which then takes care of all the next steps. You will find protection and assistance here, even if you have already given birth in secret. You don't know who you should turn to? Then call us! We are available for you around the clock!

Can I be sure that my secret will not be revealed? 

Yes. The following applies when it comes to advice: All parties concerned are legally bound to confidentiality. That applies to both the counsellors on the telephone and the counsellors in the pregnancy advice centres. Telephone and Internet data is transferred in an encrypted manner.