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You only disclose your identity to the counsellor once. She will record your personal information and ensure that it is stored in a secure manner. Your child is entitled to learn about your identity and their parentage from the age of 16.

According to the law, confidential birth is a birth, whereby the pregnant woman does not reveal her identity but instead provides information (first and surname, birth date and address of the pregnant woman) for a proof of origin to be drawn up.

We can help you – trust us!

Nobody will find out who you are. We also protect your identity after the birth.

You give yourself a pseudonym before the birth.

You can bring your baby into the world safely and with medical support.

We are by your side before and after the birth.

After the birth the registry office will enter your child into the register of births with the name you have selected.

Your child is raised in good, loving hands.

You can also decide upon a life with your child.

Once the child reaches 16 years old, they have the possibility to learn about their parentage.

In special cases, you may be eligible to remain anonymous on a permanent basis.

Questions and answers about confidential birth

Where can I find help? Will I definitely remain anonymous? What will happen to my baby? There are sure to be a thousand questions going through your head. We have compiled the answers to the most important questions for you.

Prenatal advice and assistance

Who can make call upon a confidential birth?

Any woman who wants to keep their pregnancy a secret can select the option of a confidential birth and have their baby in a medically safe manner. Regardless of the distress you are in: If you require advice and assistance, you can turn to us at any time. We also offer advice to men, family members, acquaintances or friends – for free and, if requested, anonymously.

I am going to give birth soon. Where can I find help?

The only thing that matters is your health and that of your child. You can find help at a hospital or with a midwife, even if you have not visited an advice centre. The clinic will then get in in touch with the advice centre, which in turn contacts you and takes care of all the following steps – if that is what you want. You will find protection and assistance here, even if you have already given birth in secret. You don't know who you should turn to? Then give us a call! We are available for you around the clock.

Anonymity, confidentiality and protection

Can I be sure that nobody will know who I am?

Advice is available anonymously and as often as you need it. The first stage in the procedure for a confidential birth is to reveal your identity – you only have to do this once, and only your counsellor needs to find out. You personal information is sealed in a secure manner and stored under special protection so that nobody can recognise it. Only your pseudonym will be used throughout the entire remainder of the procedure. This means that your real name stays a secret. Your child is the only person who has to right to learn about their parentage and view your personal information, but only from the age of 16 onwards.

Can I be sure that my secret will not be revealed?

Yes. The following applies when it comes to confidential birth: All parties concerned are legally bound to confidentiality. Even if you leave your details for confidential birth: The envelope containing your information (proof of origin) is sealed immediately. It is not reopened and is stored at a central location.

With the 'Pregnant women in distress' support hotline – anonymous and safe', it is also the case that telephone and Internet data is always transferred in an encrypted manner.

I live in a small town and I am worried about being recognised. What can I do?

Confidential birth is an offer of assistance that you can call upon across the whole of Germany. You are not obliged to seek advice exclusively in a pregnancy advice centre close to where you live – you have a free choice and you are not limited to just one town or federal state. The same standards are in place throughout all of Germany. We are happy to provide further support – make the most of the offer of assistance and get in touch. We know the appropriate points of contact in your area and can tell you how to get in touch with them in a secure manner.

Why is my child allowed to learn my identity once they reach 16 years of age?

Everybody has the right to know their parentage. This knowledge is an important part of a person's own identity and protects your child from a life of uncertainty. Your child can only view your stored personal information after their 16th birthday.

Is it also possible for me to remain anonymous after 16 years?

Yes. You can continue to protect your identity, if there are specific reasons. For example, if your life, your health or your personal freedom are threatened. The family court will meticulously weigh up the interests of both mother and child.

About the birth

Why should I opt for a confidential birth?

It does not matter which reasons you have for wanting to keep your pregnancy a secret, you can bring your baby into the world with medical support without having to give your name. We provide pre- and postnatal advice and support. You will receive all the help you need. Your rights and the rights of your child are protected.

Where can I find a clinic that offers a confidential birth?

Confidential birth is an offer of assistance in place throughout Germany. In principle, the regulations apply for all maternity clinics, hospitals and midwives. Our female counsellors will provide you with further support. Please give us a call using the telephone number 0800 4040020. We are available for you around the clock. You can also find the addresses of advice centres in your area using the postcode search function (link at the bottom of the page).

Do I have to give birth in a clinic?

No. Medical care is not only available in a hospital. A midwife can also provide you with confidential and loving support if you want to give birth at a birthing centre or at home. Please give us a call using the telephone number 0800 4040020. We give you advice and put you in touch with the desired birthing centre facility.

Is confidential birth legal?

Yes. Confidential birth is a legally regulated offer of assistance within the spectrum of anonymous assistance and advice services especially for women, who no longer know what to do, who want to keep their pregnancy a secret and do not have anybody to support them. You and whoever provides you with support are protected by law.

Do I have to pay for counselling, delivery and treatment?

You do not have to worry about the costs. You do not have to pay for counselling, the costs for confidential birth or pre- or postnatal care.

What happens if I decide against a confidential birth?

You won't be left on your own, even if you don't want to give your details. You are entitled to continuous, anonymous advice and assistance at any time, both before and after the birth.

Living with or without the child

What will happen to my child?

After the birth, your baby goes into custody of the child protective services and the child is given a guardian that is arranged by the family court. Your child will be named according to your wishes and recoded in the birth register. By law, your parental care is suspended after the birth. The adoption procedure will be initiated if you decide against a life with your child.

And if I decide I do want to bring my baby up after all?

Until the adoption procedure is completed – in our experience, this usually takes roughly one year – in principle, you can still opt to live with your child and bring it up yourself. In order to do this, you would have to renounce your anonymity. There must also be no doubt that you are the child's mother. The family court will then make a decision taking the well-being of the child into account. If you decide to take back the child, you will receive further assistance and support on request, for example, through a family midwife, who will help you make a life for yourself and your child.

What happens after the birth?

We will not leave you on your own, even after the birth. We will continue to provide both medical and advisory support. And this is regardless of whether you choose to bring your child up yourself, or if the child will grow up in a foster or adoptive family.

I already have a child. Is it possible that I might lose custody of this child if I opt for a confidential birth?

No. Here, it is also the case that: Everything that you confide in us is subject to legal confidentiality. The child protective services will only ever learn your pseudonym but never your true identity. Give us a call! Together, we will find the right solution to your extremely personal domestic situation.