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Welcome to our Website

Are you pregnant?

And you don´t want anybody to find out?

Then you´ve come to the right place. 

A confidential birth is right for you.


Confidential birth means:

We help you to bring your child into the world in a safe manner.

We won´t talk to anyone about this if you don´t want us to.

We offer you advice about the birth and how and where you can give birth safely.

And we advise you about your situation.

So that you can find a way to come to terms with your new situation.

We will not pass on anything you tell us.


This help is offered to you free of charge.

This help is an offer provided by the Ministry for Families.


Our female counsellors can provide you with support throughout Germany.

Call us on 0800 40 40 020.

We´ll then tell you which female counsellor is located in your vicinity.


The female counsellor will help you both before and after the birth if you require it.

The female counsellor will also tell you where your child can grow up. 

For example, with a foster family.

Later on, you can also decide upon a life with your child.



You tell the female counsellor who you are once.

The female counsellor then takes a note of this and saves this information in a safe place.

When your child reaches the age of 16 they can ask about you.

This is when your child can find out who their mother is. 

The female counsellor is not allowed to talk to anyone about this.

That is the law.


This is how you use our site

These menu items can be found in the top menu bar:


If you click on the Home icon,
you will always return to the start page.

If you click on the Anonymous counselling field, you can find out what we do.
Anonymous means:
We will not pass on anything you tell us.
We will not pass on any information that you give us.
This area is not worded in a way that is easy to understand.

If you click on the Confidential birth field, you can find out what that means.
The images and text show you step by step how you can bring your child into the world.
Without anyone finding out about it.
This area is not worded in a way that is easy to understand.

If you click on the Stories that inspire courage field, you can read 
some of the experiences had by other women.
Maybe you´ll find a situation that is similar to yours.
Read the stories.
They may help you.

Click on the Further support field to access more help.
You will find some addresses here. 
Ask a female counsellor where you can find help in your vicinity.


What else is on the start page?

You will find the Hotline menu on the start page.

Hotline Bild

Here you can find out how we can advise you. 
You can call us free of charge on 0800 40 40 020.
Day or night.
No one will know that you have called us.
We do not see your telephone number.
We don't ask for your name.
We speak many languages.

Use the On site menu item to find a support site in your area.

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Enter your postcode in the top field and then click on the  Search field.

Then find the addresses for the support sites in your vicinity.


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