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Pregnant having just turned 20 – what a shock. I was desperate and didn't have the courage to tell anybody. Children were out of the question as far as my boyfriend was concerned. My parents were also against me having a child outside of wedlock.... I scoured the Internet for offers of support – the things I read about baby flaps or adoption did not appeal to me. 

I called an advice centre a few weeks before the birth, as I was becoming more and more scared. I was crying a lot and could hardly talk. Talking openly for the first time took a huge weight off of my shoulders. I was the centre of attention in the counselling. If everything went well for me, it would also go well for the child. I always had the feeling that my opinion was important. And whatever I thought was best, is what would happen. The female counsellor was always on my side. 

I made the decision to give birth anonymously in a hospital. My boyfriend was suspicious because I was acting so strangely and in the end I told him everything. We collected our daughter from the clinic after a few days with the intention of bringing her up ourselves. We also told my parents later. They loved our  little girl from day one and provide us with a lot of support. 

I remained in contact with the advice centre for a long time after the birth. We didn't have any things for the baby due to the difficult situation leading up to the birth. The advice centre provided us with everything we needed. We also received assistance in dealing with the various authorities. Even if the situation almost became too much for us, the female counsellor was convinced that we could do it if we had a helping hand. And we did.