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Pregnant and you don't want anybody
to find out? We can help.

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There are many reasons that a pregnancy might lead to great desperation. If you don't know what will happen afterwards, a network of advice and assistance offers is in place to support you. This is where we provide you with selected Germany-wide offers. Our female counsellors know the countless local and regional offers in your area. Please give us a call at any time using the telephone number 0800 4040020.

Federal Foundation Mother and Child: Emergency Support

The Federal Foundation 'Mother and Child – Protection for Unborn Life' predominantly provides pregnant women in particularly difficult living situations with assistance in a fast and non-bureaucratic manner. For instance, on request, they will take on the costs for the initial things that the child needs, continuation of the household budget, furnishings for the home, and also the cost of caring for the young child. The services provided by the foundation have to be applied for at a pregnancy advice centre in good time before the birth. The amount and duration of the support is decided based upon the personal situation of the expectant mother. Financial support will not affect any other social benefits.

Early Support Network

Support for mothers and their children, information and specific advice. The early support network can also provide you with information about other advice centres.

'' Information Portal: Advice and Support for All Living Situations

The services available from the Federal Centre for Health Education provide information on the subjects of pregnancy, the desire to have children, contraception and support. A wide range of living situations are discussed – whether that means concerns about your job or relationship problems. You can also find offers of assistance specially tailored to young mothers here, such as advice centres in your area.

Pregnant Under 20: Support for Very Young Mothers

Specially tailored to pregnant girls and young women, who do not know how to carry on. They can find numerous offers of assistance on the Internet portal 'Pregnant Under 20'. Questions about completing school and further education, accommodation, family, money and rights are answered in a simple and understandable manner. Stories from young mothers inspire courage.

Violence against Women Support Hotline: Support Around the Clock

The Germany-wide violence against women support hotline 08000 116 016 is available for free at any time for victims of violence. Conflicts and violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking or any other kind of violence – women looking for help can get anonymous support in a number of languages.

Guidance for Families

Parents and people who want to become parents can get quick access to information about state services and regulations on the 'Family Guidance' portal. As well as the parental allowance calculator, individual sections such as the 'education compass', the 'regional family' database and the 'family start' info pack provide an initial insight into service offers for all ages and (almost) all living situations.